Legal Fees hit $1,500 PER HOUR! (Time for something new!)

The Wall Street Journal posted today that "the day of the $1,500-an-hour lawyer has arrived."  As a lawyer, I'm disgusted. Unless you're a Fortune 500 company used to throwing other people's money around, there is just no need to spend that much for quality legal help.   I encourage you to check out my new concept for Arizona businesses: Minimum Wage General Counsel.  It's simple: for the price of a minimum wage employee ($2,000 per month), you get UNLIMITED access to a courtroom-and-corporate veteran attorney for your day-to-day business legal needs.  If you need litigation, you pay $175.00 per hour (half my normal hourly rate) on top of the monthly charges.  It's like having your own in-house lawyer for about a tenth of the cost. To make sure the service stays top-notch, I'm capping the number of businesses who can take advantage of this arrangement at ten.  If you're interested, let's meet and talk.