Hey Austin property owners: You've just been sued!

In a follow up to our July 10 post on this topic, Austin's lawsuit against the Travis County Appraisal District, the State Comptroller, the Attorney General and every business and commercial land property owner in the city limits has or will be filed today in Travis County District Court.  The suit (the actual pdf of the lawsuit is here) seeks a declaration that ALL of Austin's "F1" (land with a business on it) and "C1" (commercial vacant land) properties are undervalued.  If successful, the values and taxes will be hiked dramatically. 

The good news for Austin businesses is that this lawsuit has significant legal flaws.   If you or a business/landowner you know in Austin is affected by this lawsuit, we can answer this lawsuit and help stop this blatant government overreach without it costing a fortune. Share this post and contact us today!